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House Panel Advances Compromise Bill on Small Broadband Provider Transparency

February 25, 2016

Today, the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved a bill to exempt certain small broadband providers from transparency provisions of the 2015 Open Internet rules. Although the original bill created a permanent exemption, the legislation, which passed via voice vote, was amended today in a compromise that would apply only to providers with fewer than 250,000 subscribers and would sunset after five years.

The following can be attributed to Kate Forscey, Associate Counsel for Government Affairs at Public Knowledge:

“Today’s amendment is a good improvement on the original Small Business Exemption Bill. Although Public Knowledge still believes it was not wholly necessary, as the FCC already voted to exempt smaller broadband providers from the rules in the initial proceeding, we are pleased members were able find compromise. We are particularly satisfied that the amended language preserves the FCC’s authority to continue evaluating provider business practices under its temporary transparency rule and protect an Open Internet for consumers.”