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Media Alert: Public Knowledge Hosting Press Call on Protecting Consumer Privacy Online

June 6, 2016 , , ,

Public Knowledge will host a press briefing Wednesday, June 8 at noon ET featuring public interest privacy experts who support the Federal Communications Commission’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to broaden privacy protections online. Broadband providers enjoy a comprehensive view of consumer data, and may be tempted to use it in anticompetitive ways or violate a customer’s privacy. This proposal marks a significant step forward in the FCC’s commitment to follow its congressional mandate by extending the same protections offered to telephone service subscribers to broadband customers.

Broadband providers collect different kinds of data while in the process of offering customers the essential communications service of our time. This data, which includes metadata such as IP addresses and timing information, can paint an extremely detailed picture of a customer’s personal life, habits and struggles. Combined with the growth of smart home technology and the Internet of Things, consumers are at a serious risk of ISPs packaging and selling their data to advertisers without consent. This proposal puts consumers back in the driver’s seat, enabling them to control what does and doesn’t happen to their private information.

Susan Grant, Director of Consumer Protection and Privacy at Consumer Federation of America, will present a group of privacy advocates to review how the FCC’s privacy proposal will benefit the public. These experts include:

  • Meredith Rose, Staff Attorney at Public Knowledge
  • Claire Gartland, Consumer Protection Counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center
  • Gaurav Laroia, Policy Counsel at Free Press
  • Jay Stanley, Senior Policy Analyst with the Speech, Privacy and Technology Project at the ACLU

Press Call Participant Information:
WHEN: Wednesday, June 8 at noon ET
DIAL-IN: 1-712-432-3071
PASSWORD: 676292
INSTRUCTIONS: 5* to queue questions, please state your name and outlet clearly

For more information, please view our recent article, “American privacy in the digital era should not be for sale,” and contact Communications Manager Shiva Stella to arrange follow-up interviews with speakers. You may also view our FCC submitted comments.