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Media Update: Public Knowledge Joins Consumer Video Choice Coalition to Unlock the Box

July 1, 2015 , ,

Today, Public Knowledge joins other organizations in launching an advocacy coalition to promote video device competition. In addition to Public Knowledge, the Consumer Video Choice Coalition includes COMPTEL, CCIA, Writers Guild of America – West, Google, TiVo and VIZIO. The Coalition will demonstrate to policymakers that there is widespread support for promoting competition and innovation by making subscription video content available on third-party devices, freeing consumers from having to rent set-top boxes from their cable or satellite providers.

The following can be attributed to Shiva Stella, Communications Manager at Public Knowledge:

“Public Knowledge is pleased to work with other stakeholders as part of this coalition, which will help promote a competitive market for set-top boxes and other video devices. Ensuring that consumers have the ability to access subscription video content on devices of their choice will drive down prices, promote innovation, and make it easier for people to view online content on their TVs as easily as they can flip through channels.”

You may view a letter recently submitted to the DSTAC for more information on the ongoing Federal Communications Commission’s process to review set-top box competition.