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New VIDEO: Public Knowledge Calls on FCC to Help Consumers Unlock the Box and Save Money

September 21, 2016 , , , ,

Today, Public Knowledge launches a new video indicating the Federal Communications Commission could help consumers save $231 a year and stop big cable from squeezing them out of $20 billion in set-top box profits annually. 84 percent of consumers say cable prices are too high, and the FCC’s #UnlockTheBox proposal offers them real relief.

The video features a number of cute toys locked in a big cable box, and points out how cable lobbyists are trying to move from a monopoly box to a monopoly app. But the big cable lobby is spending tens of millions to kill this pro-consumer effort. They make $20 billion a year forcing you to rent a box. Now they want to hold back innovation and force consumers to go from a monopoly box, to a monopoly app.

The following can be attributed to Gene Kimmelman, President and CEO of Public Knowledge:

“Apps are great, but only if they are open and spur competition. The FCC can ensure real competition and future innovation, with an open user interface, integrated search and strong enforcement tools. Without these consumer friendly functions, the FCC proposal won’t drive the  innovation and competition that should save consumers billions of dollars each year.

Cable monopolies and Hollywood studios just want to lock consumers in the past. They are attempting to strip consumers of their ability to control their own home recording. Hollywood once tried to kill the VCR, and today’s assault on consumer choice is no different.”

You can view the video here or access the transcript.