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President Obama Announces Support for FCC Set-top Box Proposal

April 15, 2016 , , , ,

Today, President Obama announced his support for the Federal Communications Commission's proposal to open up cable set-top boxes to competition from new apps and devices.

The following statement can be attributed to Gene Kimmelman, President and CEO of Public Knowledge:

“The President's support for set-top box competition virtually ensures that consumers will finally see a $15 billion per year rip-off exploded by new electronic devices streaming innovative video services that challenge cable monopolies.”

The following statement can be attributed to John Bergmayer, Senior Staff Attorney at Public Knowledge:

“Creating new competition in the devices and apps viewers use to access their pay TV subscriptions will give viewers better, more integrated experiences by allowing them to combine cable and online video using more modern devices, while saving them money.  A more competitive market with fewer gatekeepers will also create new opportunities for the programmers and creators who can’t get cable carriage, or who balk at the onerous terms, to more easily reach an audience.”