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Public Knowledge Applauds Chairman Wheeler for Supporting Community Broadband

February 2, 2015 ,

Today, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler issued a statement confirming that he will circulate a proposed order on community broadband this week. The order will address state laws that prevent community broadband providers from expanding their networks.

The following can be attributed to Shiva Stella, Communications Manager at Public Knowledge:

“Every community should have the right to determine its broadband needs and the path of its digital future, including the ability to pick competition over monopoly for broadband services. Chairman Wheeler has taken an important first step by advancing these two petitions forward.

“Both Chattanooga, Tennessee and Wilson, North Carolina have gigabit broadband systems they would happily expand to other portions of their community — were it not for state laws drafted by industry lobbyists in the days before people realized how important access to affordable broadband would become. We hope that the other Commissioners will join with Chairman Wheeler to approve these petitions to give the residents of Chattanooga and Wilson real choices for affordable, high speed broadband.”