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Public Knowledge Applauds FCC’s Release of Open Internet Docket Data

August 5, 2014 ,

Today the FCC released the contents of its Open Internet docket as an open bulk data file. 
The following can be attributed to Michael Weinberg, Vice President of Public Knowledge: 

“Today’s decision by the FCC is a big step towards helping everyone understand public opinion around net neutrality.  While it is incredibly telling that well over a million people have decided to voice their opinion on the Commission’s proposed rules, this data release should help us develop a more detailed understanding of exactly how the public views the issue.
By releasing this data in open, accessible formats, the FCC is inviting the public to explore and utilize it in ways that are hard to anticipate.  This is a good thing.  Open data is often a key ingredient to the kind of permissionless innovation that the Commission’s Open Internet rules are designed to protect.  We welcome this data release, and look forward to the information that we and others will be able to draw from it.”