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Public Knowledge Applauds Sprint for Supporting Net Neutrality, Rebutting Title II Scare Tactics

January 16, 2015 ,

Today, Sprint sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission announcing its support for net neutrality rules. In the letter, Sprint states that the company “does not believe that a light touch application of Title II, including appropriate forbearance, would harm the continued investment in… mobile broadband services.”

This letter confirms that the source of authority used for net neutrality rules will not harm network investments, or risk an internet service provider’s business model. Public Knowledge commends Sprint for standing up for consumers by announcing its continued network expansion, especially in light of misleading statements from some broadband providers and their allies.

The following can be attributed to John Bergmayer, Senior Staff Attorney of Public Knowledge:

“Sprint has shown enormous courage by daring to say openly in Washington what every other major carrier has admitted on Wall Street. Simply put, Title II promotes competition, does not stifle innovation, and won't discourage investment. We hope other carriers will finally stop carrying on this charade. Anyone can claim to be an ‘uncarrier’ or an ‘innovator.’ But by siding with the Open Internet and Title II, Sprint has actually walked the walk, not just talked the talk.”