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Public Knowledge Calls Comcast-Pando Proposal ‘Ludicrous’

April 15, 2008 , ,

Comcast and Pando, a company working on a more efficient method of distributing peer-to-peer content, announced today they will work on a “bill of rights” for P2P users and Internet Service Providers. The following is a statement from Gigi B. Sohn, president and co-founder of Public Knowledge:

“This so-called agreement is simply another way for Comcast to try to evade punishment for its blocking and degrading of peer-to-peer services for its customers. As with the 'agreement' with BitTorrent, today's announcement is long on rhetoric and short on detail.

“The fact that Comcast is trying to come up with a Bill of Rights for customers is ludicrous. This is the company that not only lied for a year about the workings of its Internet service, but also created such ill will among its cable subscribers that one elderly woman busted up a customer service office with a hammer because she and her husband were kept waiting for hours in the heat.

“Comcast should fix its internal problems with customers being kicked off the Internet service for no good reason, or are disappointed about having programming switched to expensive digital services before it starts pretending to solve the problems of the Internet that it helped to cause.”