Public Knowledge Calls Fox Withdrawal from Hulu ‘Unfortunate For Consumers’

The following statement is attributed to Gigi B. Sohn, president and co-founder of Public Knowledge:

"We were disappointed to see that Fox will not let the general public have access to its TV programming on Hulu the day after shows air.  Instead, Fox will only give access to the shows to subscribers of cable and satellite services, delaying viewing for eight days for everyone else.

"This development is very unfortunate for consumers and ultimately will be self-destructive for the TV industry. Since its founding, Hulu has been a safe, legal service that allowed all consumers lawful access to TV programming.  The public, and other content providers, have taken to it in a big way.  This is the path the industry should pursue.

"But instead of promoting and protecting this resource, big media content companies are hobbling it with all sorts of restrictions, causing great confusion among TV watchers and practically inviting consumers to go back to stealing content.

"Services like Hulu have the potential to help programmers create alternate sources of distribution to loosen their bonds with contentious cable companies and to give consumers different ways of having access to favorite shows.  Now it appears as if big media companies are going to revert to the old ways, behind walled gardens.  The consumers will be the ultimate losers."

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