Press Release Net Neutrality

Public Knowledge Commends FCC for Adopting Landmark Net Neutrality Rules

February 26, 2015 ,

Today, the Federal Communications Commission voted to adopt Chairman Wheeler’s strong net neutrality rules to reclassify the Internet as a Title II service under the Communications Act. Public Knowledge commends the FCC for listening to the 4 million Americans who submitted comments supporting an Open Internet despite brutal opposition from large Internet Service Providers.

The following may be attributed to Michael Weinberg, Senior Vice President of Public Knowledge:

“After an unprecedented outpouring of public support, today the FCC voted to enact the strongest net neutrality rules in history. By embracing its Title II authority and creating clear, bright-line rules against blocking and discrimination, Chairman Wheeler and the FCC have earned a reputation as defenders of an Open Internet.

“This day would not have happened without the support of the millions of Americans who commented with the FCC, called Congress, and wrote to the White House. This bipartisan wave of Open Internet supporters from across the country came together to make it clear to their government that it had a crucial role in protecting an Open Internet.

“After months and years of hard work and advocacy, today is a day to celebrate. Thank you, FCC, for standing up for consumers to achieve this historic victory for net neutrality. Your landmark work will be remembered by the American people.”