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Public Knowledge Demands FCC Act Immediately on Title II Net Neutrality Rules

November 12, 2014 , ,

Reports have circulated suggesting that the Federal Communications Commission may be considering paths towards Open Internet rules that appear inconsistent with Chairman Wheeler’s recent statements reflecting a full openness to the use of Title II tools as part of his Open Internet rules. Public Knowledge supports net neutrality rules firmly grounded in Title II authority and urges Chairman Wheeler to publicly and immediately indicate what questions the agency needs answered in order to move forward with a rulemaking that completes action on this important issue.

The following may be attributed to Public Knowledge President Gene Kimmelman:

We are shocked at disturbing and, we hope, inaccurate reports of Chairman Wheeler’s opinion of Title II and urge him to clarify his position. We also request the FCC publicly share any and all questions the agency needs answered this week to move forward with a rulemaking.

“The agency asked for comments on net neutrality and on reclassifying broadband as Title II. The record is more thoroughly briefed than any other FCC proceeding, including the nearly 4 million Americans clearly arguing for the strongest possible language to protect an Open Internet. It's time for the FCC to take immediate action to declare broadband a Title II service and work quickly to resolve all open legal and analytical questions the Commission believes deserve more attention.”