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Public Knowledge Files Comments, Consumer Letters Urging FCC to Support Broadband Competition

February 5, 2020 , , , , ,

Today, Public Knowledge filed comments on the Federal Communications Commission’s recent Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, “Modernizing Unbundling and Resale Requirements in an Era of Next-Generation Networks and Services,” which proposes to roll back Unbundled Network Element (UNEs) rules that help small providers compete with incumbent monopolies. Public Knowledge opposes this, because doing so would reduce competition and lead to higher prices for consumers.

Public Knowledge also filed letters on behalf of consumers to remind the FCC that consumers demand more choice and competitive service from carriers. These letters show that consumers believe that competitive carriers can offer them higher quality service, better customer service, and lower rates than incumbent providers, and they do not want to be forced to switch.

The following can be attributed to John Bergmayer, Legal Director at Public Knowledge:

“It’s fair to say that most people don’t know much about Unbundled Network Elements, but they’re an important tool for promoting broadband competition. By requiring monopoly carriers to make parts of their network available to competitors, UNE rules not only boost competition in areas that would otherwise not have any, but also help competitive carriers build a customer base that enables them to upgrade to fiber. The FCC’s proposal to roll back these important rules is misguided, and will lead to higher prices, less choice, and poorer service for businesses and consumers.”

You may view a description of the consumer letters and our comments for more information.