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Public Knowledge Files Independent Video Programming Notice of Inquiry with FCC

March 31, 2016 , , ,

Yesterday, Public Knowledge filed comments on the Federal Communications Commission’s recent Notice of Inquiry addressing the availability of diverse and independent video programming. The Commission is specifically seeking input on ways that large pay TV companies can harm diverse and independent programmers and hold back emerging competition from new video platforms. Public Knowledge supports the FCC’s efforts to build a record documenting these abuses.

The following can be attributed to Kate Forscey, Government Affairs Associate Counsel at Public Knowledge:

“This NOI is a welcome step toward opening a world of possibilities in how we consume content and what that content looks like — a video Nirvana that would realize the full potential of the digital era for both accessibility and exciting diverse, new content.

“This is a paradoxical time in the video marketplace. It is often referred to as the new ‘Golden Age’ of programming, and that is due in part to the new outlets enabled by over-the-top video. At the same time, consumers are consistently dissatisfied with the way they access television content, and diverse and independent voices still feel they struggle for opportunities to access wider audiences. Despite the potential of these new content avenues, incumbents maintain their stranglehold over the video market.

“Now the FCC has a chance to gain a better understanding of how pay TV incumbents stifle the development of new services and business models that better serve creators and viewers. It’s time to discuss how to move toward a video marketplace with more choices and more voices for consumers.”

You may view our FCC Independent Programming comments here. For more information on ending cable’s programming stranglehold, please join us next Tuesday for our press briefing discussing the Notice of Inquiry and the video marketplace.