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Public Knowledge Files Opposition for Reconsideration to Save Broadband Privacy Rules for Consumers

March 7, 2017 , , , ,

Yesterday, Public Knowledge, joined by Benton Foundation and the Center for Digital Democracy, filed an Opposition to Petitions for Reconsideration of the Federal Communications Commission’s Broadband Privacy Order adopted in 2016. We seek to preserve elements of the Order that enable Americans to control both how their data is collected and how that data gets used, including a requirement that internet service providers should take “reasonable measures” to secure broadband subscribers’ data.

The following can be attributed to Dallas Harris, Policy Fellow at Public Knowledge:

“Despite the exploding vulnerability consumers feel as today’s digital marketplace virtually forces them to expose their most private personal data online, both internet providers and advertising agencies petitioned the Commission to return us to a time when Americans had much less control over how their information is collected and used.

“There’s no denying that consumers need more control over their data, not less, which is why we oppose those petitions that asked the Commission to abandon its successful efforts to protect our privacy online.”

You may read the opposition here.