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Public Knowledge Files Reply Comments in FCC Special Access Proceeding

February 20, 2016 ,

Today, Public Knowledge filed reply comments at the Federal Communications Commission in the agency’s special access proceeding. Comments were joined by Engine, Common Cause and the Open Technology Institute at New America. The FCC has been examining the special access marketplace for more than a decade. Public Knowledge urges the Commission to take swift action to reign in anticompetitive rates, terms, and conditions that harm businesses and consumers.

The following statement can be attributed to Phillip Berenbroick, Counsel for Government Affairs at Public Knowledge:

“The record in the special access proceeding clearly illustrates that incumbent local exchange carriers that control the vast majority of the special access market have market power and routinely exercise it by imposing anticompetitive, unjustifiable, and unreasonable rates, terms, and conditions on their customers. In turn, these anticompetitive prices and onerous terms and conditions directly and indirectly cost American consumers and businesses billions of dollars per year. In addition to that, they reduce American competitiveness, investment in next-generation broadband networks by competitive carriers and wireless companies, and new business formation. It is past time for the Commission to reign in these harmful practices.”

You may view these comments here.