Press Release

Public Knowledge Joins 57 Public Interest Groups Urging Swift Passage of House Antitrust Bills to Rein in Big Tech

September 2, 2021

Today, Public Knowledge joined 57 other public interest and consumer advocacy groups in a letter urging U.S. House leadership to pass the six bipartisan antitrust bills introduced this summer to rein in Big Tech. Public Knowledge urges Congress to pass these bills to create real solutions to the digital platform competition problems described by the House Antitrust Subcommittee’s landmark report last year.

The following is an excerpt from the letter:

“We write to you to express our support for the package of Big Tech antitrust bills marked up by the House Judiciary Committee in June. This bipartisan package of bills reflects the culmination of a two-year investigation into the abuses of Big Tech. If enacted, these bills are a major step forward in restoring competitive markets and unlocking the potential of Americans to grow successful businesses and build an economy that is more prosperous, equitable, and innovative.

“America has a monopoly problem. Monopoly power lowers wages, reduces innovation and entrepreneurship, exacerbates income and regional inequality, undermines the free press and access to information, and perpetuates toxic systems of racial, gender, and class dominance. Big Tech monopolies are at the center of many of these problems. Reining in these companies is an essential first step to reverse the damage of concentrated corporate power throughout our economy. The[se] bills… do just that and it is imperative that they move forward in the House.

“Americans support taking action against these companies. Antitrust reform enjoys widespread public support. Nearly nine in 10 voters strongly support a proposal to make rules to ensure Big Tech corporations do not abuse consumer data or civil rights. We are proud to support this important legislative package and encourage all members of Congress to vote for its swift passage.”

The following can be attributed to Charlotte Slaiman, Competition Policy Director at Public Knowledge:

“The House Judiciary Committee has charted a path forward with its bipartisan package to put people back in control of the digital economy. The broad range of groups supporting this package shows just how widespread the problem of Big Tech dominance is, and that these bills deserve a full vote in the House imminently.”

You may view the letter for more information. You may also view our latest fact sheet to learn how this bipartisan antitrust package promotes competition in Big Tech.