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Public Knowledge Joins Amazon, Reddit, and Fight for the Future to Save Net Neutrality

June 6, 2017 , , , ,

Today, Public Knowledge announced plans to join with other internet advocacy groups and companies like Amazon and Reddit in an internet-wide day of action to preserve the Federal Communications Commission’s landmark net neutrality rules. The rules prevent internet service providers from blocking websites, throttling connection speeds, and accepting paid-prioritization deals.

Consumer advocacy groups, including Public Knowledge, Fight for the Future, Free Press, and the ACLU, will coordinate a massive online protest scheduled for July 12 to oppose FCC Chairman Pai’s efforts to roll back the agency’s 2015 Open Internet Order that forces broadband providers to treat all internet content and services equally. Other confirmed participants include Amazon, Dreamhost, Etsy, GitHub, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Pantheon, Patreon, Reddit, Vimeo, and Y Combinator.

Public Knowledge opposes Chairman Pai’s move to gut these rules, leaving consumers, small businesses, artists, students, hospital patients, low-income families, startups and entrepreneurs at the mercy of broadband providers.

The following may be attributed to Kate Forscey, Associate Policy Counsel at Public Knowledge:

“Public Knowledge is pleased to unite once again with our colleagues in defense of a free and open internet. This action will provide a glimpse into what could happen if Chairman Pai's plan becomes reality — where the gatekeeper broadband companies control access with impunity.

“We all rely on dependable broadband access in our daily lives, and our efforts with our allies here will be just one step in our vigilant efforts to defend this most essential platform for innovation, economic progress, and democratic discourse.”

You may register to participate here and also sign up for Public Knowledge updates on the event.