Press Release

Public Knowledge Praises FCC Program Carriage Rules

August 1, 2011 , ,

The following statement is attributed to Harold Feld, legal director for Public Knowledge:

“Consumers will benefit from the rules the Federal Communications Commission issued today that allow programming to continue to be carried on video systems when there is a dispute over carriage.

“Consumers could be stuck in the middle when the cable and satellite operators reach an impasse with program providers over carriage issues.  Under the rules the FCC issued, programming will continue to be available while disputes are resolved.

“We are also heartened by the Commission’s proposed rules requiring video carriers, like telephone, cable and satellite companies, to deal in good faith with independent programmers.  These rules are long overdue and their absence has allowed for the potential for anticompetitive, and anti-consumer, behavior in excluding programming channels in which the operators have no stake.”