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Public Knowledge Praises FCC Staff Decision on NFL Network

August 7, 2006 ,

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Aug. 7, 2006

Public Knowledge Praises FCC Decision on NFL Network

Background: The Federal Communications Commission's Mass Media Bureau today reaffirmed its decision to require Time Warner cable systems to carry the NFL Network as a result of TW's acquisition of Adelphia and Comcast cable properties. TW had taken the NFL Network off of the cable systems of more than one million subscribers.

The following is the statement of Gigi B. Sohn, president of Public Knowledge:

“We are pleased that the Media Bureau upheld its decision requiring Time Warner to reinstate the NFL Network to more than one million cable subscribers. This dispute shows perfectly why Net Neutrality is necessary. The cable model, with the cable operator as gatekeeper of content, should not be applied to the Internet, but the danger is that it will without strong non-discrimination legislation.”

The Bureau decision is here.