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Public Knowledge Responds to DOJ Appealing AT&T-Time Warner Case

July 12, 2018 , , , ,

Today, the Department of Justice filed for an appeal in the AT&T-Time Warner merger case. In June, Judge Richard J. Leon ruled that the the $85 billion merger could go forward.

The following can be attributed to John Bergmayer, Senior Counsel at Public Knowledge:

“The AT&T-Time Warner transaction is a bad deal for consumers and competition. Since it has gone forward, AT&T has already raised prices for its DirectTV Now video service, more than doubled the mysterious ‘administrative fee’ it tacks on to most of its wireless bills, and raised the price of some of its wireless plans while removing the HBO subscription that it had previously included.

“Judge Leon’s decision contained numerous errors, and we believe the DOJ’s position should be vindicated.”

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