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Public Knowledge Responds to Sudden FCC Agenda Changes

November 16, 2016 ,

Today, the Federal Communications Commission cancelled its agenda items for the Thursday, November 17 Open Meeting.

The following may be attributed to Harold Feld, Senior Vice President at Public Knowledge:

“We are disappointed that the FCC will not act on the previously announced November agenda. While respecting the tradition that the FCC should generally wait for the new administration before acting on any new initiatives, these items were essentially completed and ready to move. It seems absurd that if Chairman Wheeler had scheduled the meeting on election day, we would have already resolved the decade-old proceeding on legacy business data services pricing.

“More importantly, the agenda items address real and pressing problems in the broadband marketplace. These problems do not simply go away due to an administration change. When Republicans take over, they will need to address the same competitive problems, or explain to the American people why they plan to perpetuate our broadband duopoly.”