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Public Knowledge Sends Comments to ICANN to Protect User Privacy Rights

July 7, 2015 ,

Today, Public Knowledge, New America's Open Technology Institute and the Center for Democracy and Technology submitted joint comments to ICANN, urging the organization to protect user privacy rights.

The comments come as part of a process that has proposed changes to the way the personal information of domain name registrants is made available to the public. Currently, users who want or need to protect their privacy can register domain names through a proxy service, which shows the public contact information for the service, instead of the user's personal contact information. Proposed changes to ICANN's rules, however, may make it easier for that personal information to be uncovered.

The following can be attributed to Sherwin Siy, Vice President of Legal Affairs for Public Knowledge:

“No one should be required to give up their privacy — and in many cases, their security — simply to have their voice heard. Registering a domain name should not be the sole province of those secure from harm; in fact, the ability to speak freely and anonymously is one of the characteristic benefits of the Web.

“Although there are many reasons for people to want to contact anonymous domain name owners, this doesn't mean that we want to create a world where the price of online participation is giving up your privacy, or allowing it to be given up easily. ICANN needs to realize the global risks of potentially denying Internet users reliable privacy services.”

You may view the comments here.