Press Release

Public Knowledge Statement Regarding NCTA v BrandX Internet

June 27, 2005 ,

For Immediate Release

The following statement is from Gigi B. Sohn, president of Public Knowledge, on the NCTA v BrandX Internet decision today:

The Court's decision today in the Brand X case raises the question of whether Congress, in tackling its next revision of the Telecommunications Act, should act to ensure that communications, content, and applications are allowed to pass freely over the Internet's broadband pipes. We believe Congress should do so, because 'net neutrality' is a worthy goal that not only will promote free speech and creativity on the Internet, but also will benefit those who provide broadband connectivity by making that connectivity more valuable.

Public Knowledge is a public-interest advocacy and education organization that seeks to promote a balanced approach to intellectual property law and technology policy that reflects the “cultural bargain” intended by the framers of the constitution. More information available at: