Press Release

Public Knowledge Submits Amicus Brief in New York v Charter Communications Consumer Deception Case

May 1, 2018 , ,

The state of New York is suing Charter over alleged deceptive statements regarding internet speed. Yesterday, Public Knowledge submitted an amicus brief explaining the importance of broadband to consumers, and how consumers rely on accurate information from their broadband providers to make informed decisions.

The following can be attributed to John Bergmayer, Senior Counsel at Public Knowledge:

“New York should be commended for continuing to pursue this important consumer protection action. As the Court considers the complex legal issues at stake, we have asked it to also consider the social importance of broadband, and how consumers rely on information from their providers to make informed decisions about their service.

“While no business should deceive its customers, the consequences of substandard service and misleading claims in the broadband context are even worse, since broadband is an infrastructure service people use to access important employment, health, and emergency information, as well as for entertainment and to communicate with friends and family.”

You may view the brief here.