Press Release

Public Knowledge Supports FCC Order to Make More Unlicensed Spectrum Available

March 31, 2014 , ,

Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted an Order vastly improving the availability of high-frequency spectrum for open use. This enhanced access to “unlicensed” spectrum will help relieve congested WiFi and provide new opportunities for innovation.  

The following statement may be attributed to Harold Feld, Senior Vice President, Public Knowledge.  

“Today's FCC action marks the first concrete action the Commission has taken in nearly 5 years to improve access by the public to spectrum critical for “unlicensed” uses like WiFi. That's a very good thing, given the increasing demand for more open spectrum. After years of the FCC talking about how much it loves open spectrum, Chairman Wheeler deserves credit for actually moving forward and making more of the 'public airwaves' available directly to the public.  

“But in a world where every refrigerator, thermostat, and even farm equipment has a “smart” chip, we cannot afford for the FCC to take another 5 years to expand the availability of open spectrum. As Commissioner Rosenworcel emphasized, the FCC must continue to sieze opportunities — particularly as part of the upcoming effort to repurpose broadcast spectrum in the 'incentive auction' — to open spectrum to all of us to meet the growing demand for open spectrum.”