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Public Knowledge Supports Trump Administration Withdrawal of Vehicle-2-Vehicle Plan Mandating DSRC

November 1, 2017 , , , ,

According to reports, the Trump administration will withdraw an Obama administration Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that sought to install vehicle-2-vehicle technology called “dedicated short-range communications” (DSRC) in all future car models. The Department of Transportation has not yet confirmed the withdrawal. Public Knowledge contends that withdrawing the proposal will make Americans more safe, as the driverless car technology currently poses both cybersecurity and privacy risks.

The following can be attributed to Harold Feld, Senior Vice President at Public Knowledge:

“I'm glad to see the Department of Transportation back away from a plan which, as we have repeatedly demonstrated, would actually make American drivers less safe. That said, this is hardly surprising — especially in the wake of last fall’s report describing how the proposed DSRC mandate dramatically enhanced the vulnerability of cars to cyberattacks and ransomware.

“Hopefully, this will push companies like GM to abandon this 20-year-old technology and follow in the path of companies such as Tesla, which have adopted more modern and more secure vehicle-2-vehicle technologies. Doing so would also free up valuable spectrum that could then be repurposed for 5G/next-generation Wi-Fi.”

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