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Public Knowledge Urges Congress to Protect Broadband Privacy in the Digital Era

March 7, 2017 , , , ,

Today, Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and co-sponsors introduced a joint resolution to dismantle online privacy protections created by the Federal Communications Commission’s 2016 Broadband Privacy Order by way of the Congressional Review Act. If passed, the bill will not only terminate the FCC’s privacy rules but also prevent the agency from creating similar privacy rules in the future.

The following can be attributed to Dallas Harris, Policy Fellow at Public Knowledge:

“Today, the Senate introduced its first major telecommunications bill under the new administration, and it’s targeting online consumer privacy. Senator Flake has proposed using the Congressional Review Act to completely eliminate the rules that the FCC put in place to protect the information internet providers collect about subscribers, but removing these rules leaves consumer data vulnerable.

“In a world where consumers can’t function day-to-day without sharing some of their most personal private information on the internet, the FCC had tried to give consumers more control over how and when such personal information is used. Now Senator Flake and some of his colleagues seek to wipe out consumers’ rights to control personal data. Passing this bill will leave a huge gap in consumer privacy protections with no end in sight, and no future relief from the FCC. This is a part of a broader assault on consumer privacy from congressional members when combined with legislative proposals to weaken the FTC’s ability to protect consumers.

“Americans expect better from Congress. We urge all senators to oppose this repeal and allow consumers the right to choose how their personal information is used.”