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Public Knowledge Video Targets FCC Chairman Pai’s Broadband Monopoly Giveaways

April 17, 2017 , , , ,

Today, Public Knowledge launched a new video drawing attention to the growing list of giveaways by Congress and Federal Communications Commission Chairman Pai to large cable and telecommunications companies that act as local broadband monopolies.

The video, which functions as a broad statement of themes, uses a series of pie slices to detail what consumers fear about the new administration’s telecommunications policy positions, in general language. The pieces of pie reflect multiple potential giveaways being heaped onto big cable and phone companies’ plates. From selling private data without consent and eliminating some companies’ ability to offer affordable broadband, to forcing consumers to rent set-top boxes and embarking upon efforts to kill net neutrality, Chairman Pai and many in Congress are promoting policies that give consumers the short end of the stick.

The following can be attributed to Chris Lewis, Vice President at Public Knowledge:

“The FCC and Congress are giving out lots of pie to the big, dominant cable and telecommunications companies and ignoring Americans who are starving for relief. According to recent research by Consumer Federation of America, Americans are paying approximately $50/month just in overcharges for broadband and pay-TV bundles and prices will only keep going up if monopolies are not reigned in.

“This video also speaks to consumer fears resulting from the new FCC Chairman’s priorities. Each example has hundreds of pages of legal filings and details behind it, but the bottom line is that consumers see fewer choices, reduced security, and increasing prices for the basic communications network of the 21st century.

“Policy makers should be focused on solutions that lower prices and create more choice and competition in the broadband market, instead of enriching local monopolies at consumers’ expense. Americans deserve more than just crumbs.”

You may view the video here. You may also view the transcript.