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Public Knowledge Welcomes California Bill Restoring Net Neutrality Protections

October 1, 2018 , ,

Tonight, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law SB 822, a comprehensive Open Internet bill that will grant California residents the strongest net neutrality protections in the nation. Public Knowledge welcomes the bill and applauds California’s net neutrality activists for urging their state lawmakers to protect consumers over broadband providers.

The following can be attributed to Chris Lewis, Vice President of Public Knowledge:

“We're grateful to Governor Brown for signing this bill into law. As is often the case, California is setting a strong example for Congress and other states on the type of net neutrality protections an overwhelming majority of Americans expect. Only in Washington D.C. is this controversial due to the influence of broadband provider lobbyists. Even in California, that influence was strong, but an outpouring of support from consumers and small businesses helped to remind policymakers just how popular net neutrality protections are.

“It seems incredibly tone deaf that the Trump administration is filing a lawsuit to eliminate these protections. Without net neutrality rules, broadband providers will continue to be free to prioritize some web traffic and services over others, especially when it's content they own. Even in the short time we’ve been without the federal rules, there are multiple reports of ISPs slowing content. If the FCC had not abdicated its authority to protect consumers over broadband, these reports could be investigated.

“Americans have come to expect a free market online where they choose what websites and services to use, not the broadband providers. Congress can still follow California's lead and give all Americans this basic protection of a free market online by passing the bipartisan resolution to restore net neutrality nationally.”