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Public Knowledge Welcomes Commissioner Rosenworcel as FCC Acting Chair to Protect Consumers

January 21, 2021 , , , , , , , ,

Today, President Joe Biden named Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel as acting chair of the Federal Communications Commission. Commissioner Rosenworcel has been a strong advocate for broadband affordability, student access through the E-Rate program to in-home broadband connectivity, and generally a more consumer-focused FCC. Public Knowledge commends Commissioner Rosenworcel for her work in championing the public interest.

The following can be attributed to Greg Guice, Director of Government Affairs at Public Knowledge:

“Over the last four years, Commissioner Rosenworcel has advocated for strong consumer rights and protections on the full range of issues before the Commission, be it broadband affordability, higher speed broadband connectivity at home, or access to innovative technologies. Additionally, Commissioner Rosenworcel has spoken about the FCC’s important role in advancing the broadband economy. 

“Public Knowledge looks forward to working with Acting Chairwoman Rosenworcel to fully engage the public in a consumer-focused agenda to promote the economic, health, and educational benefits of a broadband connected economy. As a first order of business, we look forward to helping the Commission launch a successful ‘Emergency Broadband Relief’ benefits program to ensure broadband is affordable to those families that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.”