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Public Knowledge Welcomes DOJ Review of Competition in Digital Platforms

July 23, 2019 , , ,

Today, the Department of Justice announced it will conduct a review of competition in digital platforms. Public Knowledge welcomes this announcement and urges the DOJ to thoroughly examine the persistence of market power and the lack of significant new entrants into digital platform markets.

The following can be attributed to Charlotte Slaiman, Competiton Policy Counsel at Public Knowledge:

“For months, we’ve been warning the public about the problems of persistent market power in digital platforms. Today, the DOJ announced it will finally open a wide-ranging review of this problem. We believe this review is needed, and urge the DOJ to invest seriously in getting this right, and rooting out any anticompetitive conduct that may have occurred or still be occurring. The problem of concentration in digital platforms impacts huge swaths of our economy, our democracy, and our lives.

“Of course, this does not diminish the need for the legislative process moving forward in Congress. These processes are complementary and can help ensure greater public understanding of these important market forces in our lives, as well as improve the law to more fully address these problems.”