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Public Knowledge Welcomes Industry Plan for Public Auction of C-Band Spectrum

July 2, 2019 , , ,

Today, ACA Connects – America’s Communications Association (“ACA Connects”), Competitive Carriers Association (“CCA”), and Charter Communications presented a proposal to the Federal Communications Commission that would free up C-Band spectrum for mobile broadband use. Public Knowledge supports the proposal’s requirement that the C-Band be reallocated for mobile use via a transparent, public FCC auction.

The following can be attributed to Phillip Berenbroick, Senior Policy Counsel at Public Knowledge:

“Today’s proposal by ACA Connects, CCA, and Charter is an important contribution to the discussion regarding how best to open up underutilized C-Band spectrum for mobile use, including next-generation 5G mobile broadband networks. Importantly, the proposal would provide for a public FCC auction of the cleared C-Band frequencies. 

“A public auction will ensure the process is transparent, and that the Commission can provide appropriate oversight to make certain the auction plan promotes competition and widespread deployment of mobile broadband networks — including unserved and underserved rural and low-income communities. A public auction, unlike proposals by the C-Band Alliance to privately sell public airwaves, is consistent with prior FCC precedents and the Communications Act, and will ensure reallocation of the C-Band is not needlessly delayed by litigation.”