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Public Knowledge Welcomes Jessica Rosenworcel FCC Nomination to Protect Consumers

June 14, 2017 , ,

Last night, President Trump announced his intention to nominate Jessica Rosenworcel to serve as a Member of the Federal Communications Commission. Public Knowledge applauds Ms. Rosenworcel for the nomination, particularly at a time when many of the pro-consumer initiatives she supported and promoted as an FCC Commissioner from 2012 – January 2017 are under siege today.

The following can be attributed to Gene Kimmelman, President and CEO of Public Knowledge:

“We congratulate Jessica Rosenworcel and look forward to working closely to promote competition and fairness to all Americans. At a time when we face enormous challenges to prevent the FCC from undermining fundamental consumer protections, we are pleased that Senate Minority Leader Schumer and his colleagues indicate a commitment to fight for competition, protecting consumers’ pocketbooks and consumers’ rights by promoting nominees who will support our cause.”