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Public Knowledge Welcomes Net Neutrality Advocates to Washington, D.C. for Day of Advocacy

September 26, 2017 , , , ,

This week, Public Knowledge leads a group of public interest and racial justice allies in welcoming net neutrality advocates from across the United States to Washington, D.C. for a “Day of Advocacy.” More than 40 participants volunteered to share their stories in scheduled meetings with their representatives on Capitol Hill.

Public Knowledge, Center for Media Justice, Common Cause, Consumers Union, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Fight for the Future, Free Press, National Hispanic Media Coalition, and the Writers Guild of America-West will help participants meet with their representatives. Volunteers plan to express how important net neutrality is to their lives, schools, and businesses.

The following can be attributed to Kate Forscey, Government Affairs Associate Policy Counsel at Public Knowledge:

“We’re thrilled to see so many people join us from around the country to express their ongoing and fervent support for net neutrality. Their willingness to put their time and energy into traveling long distances and speaking up for the current strong rules on the books reflects millions more Americans’ fierce commitment to protecting an Open Internet.

“For two years and counting, we have had strong enforceable rules at the FCC and the internet is thriving. And yet the dominant providers insist on rehashing old fights and directing their considerable lobbying resources in Washington towards trying to rip these rules apart.

“Now it’s our turn to speak. It’s time for average Americans, not lobbyists, to put a human face to all these Congressional calls and legal comments. It’s an opportunity to tell our unique stories to our elected representatives and urge them to defend our small businesses, our individual content, our art, and our innovation — all of which rely on an Open Internet to thrive and inspire.

“Now we send a clear message: We will defend the open internet as diligently and for as long as necessary, and Americans expect our elected representatives in Congress to do the same.”

Please view our event page for more information on the Day of Advocacy.