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Public Knowledge Welcomes State Department Initiative to Expand Broadband Deployment to the World

September 23, 2015 , ,

Last Thursday, Federal Communications Commission Senior Counsel Phil Verveer mentioned a new State Department diplomatic initiative called “Global Connect,” which will be unveiled at the upcoming United Nations General Assembly in New York. Public Knowledge welcomes this initiative that aims to get another 1.5 billion people online.

The following can be attributed to Carolina Rossini, Vice President of International Policy at Public Knowledge:

“We applaud the U.S. Government’s commitment to playing a lead role to speed broadband deployment globally. The initiative’s goals are based on the core understanding that the Internet should be Open and protected as a public interest infrastructure, and that’s a sentiment we share. By working closely with other nations through the U.N., the World Bank and other stakeholders, the U.S. could jump-start critical investments and policy initiatives to make the Internet available and affordable to people all over the world.

“We also welcome the Obama Administration’s leadership in continuing to address access to affordable broadband within the U.S. through the FCC’s proposed expansion of the telephone Lifeline program. Broadband is an essential service that Americans increasingly rely on for education, employment, health care, news and social services, but affordability remains a significant barrier. We look forward to working with the Obama Administration to address access to affordable broadband for low-income and rural Americans.”