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Public Knowledge’s President Reacts to Peer-to-Peer Self-Help Bill

July 25, 2002 , ,

Washington, D.C. | While enforcing the Copyright Act and preventing copyright infringement are worthy goals, Representative Berman's Peer-to-Peer Self-Help bill goes too far. Rep. Berman's bill gives the content industry great latitude to engage in harmful behavior that could affect lawful consumer activities, as well as unlawful behavior. Whereas content providers have so far acted with great caution when engaging in self-help tactics, this bill shifts the burden to consumers and makes it difficult for them to recoup any losses resulting from misguided self-help.

Gigi B. Sohn
President, Public Knowledge


Public Knowledge is a public-interest advocacy and education organization that seeks to promote a balanced approach to intellectual property law and technology policy that reflects the “cultural bargain” intended by the framers of the constitution.

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