Send a Valentine to Your Member of Congress for Net Neutrality

It's not too late to save net neutrality! Members of Congress have the ability to quickly restore net neutrality through a law called the Congressional Review Act (CRA).  Many members of Congress are already co-sponsoring the CRA, making their support clear. But not enough to pass it. 

Use the tool below to tweet a Valentine to your Senators and Representatives in Congress, thanking them for their support or asking them to use the CRA to restore the Open Internet Order:



Tell them what you love about an internet with net neutrality: Streaming video? Online shopping? Using social media? Creating and sharing unique content? Exploring new opportunities? Let them know why an open internet matters to you!

Based on each members' record of support, one of the images below will appear with your tweet:                            

Then, click the phone symbol and call their office directly. We'll walk you through the steps! Calls make a big difference, and every voice counts right now.

Finally, visit to learn more about what's next in the fight to restore an open internet for all.

Despite public outrage and Congressional pressure, the Federal Communications Commission, led by Chairman Ajit Pai, repealed vital net neutrality rules in December.  Chairman Pai may have ignored millions of Americans, but he can’t ignore Congress, which is why we need to encourage Congress to pass the CRA. Please contact your representatives in Congress, share this action with friends, and continue to follow us for updates.