Support Public Knowledge This Holiday Season

Happy holidays! Here at Public Knowledge, we’re wrapping up a year of exciting work and looking forward to what’s ahead. We hope you will consider us as you are making decisions about your end-of-year donations. Click here to donate or use the form at the button of this page.

In 2019, your support took us far:

We testified before Congress six times, on topics including big tech and content moderation, the Sprint/T-Mobile merger and media reform, and spectrum reform and closing the digital divide.

We fought in court to win back multiple consumer protections eliminated by the Trump FCC, and won a legislative victory for restoring net neutrality.

We created a framework for regulating digital platforms, including publishing a new book, The Case for the Digital Platform Act. We also published a proposal for a new cybersecurity label for Internet of Things devices and released a primer breaking down antitrust law.

And we continued to host public events, including a Tech Policy Salon in New York City, Emerging Tech for Social Change, and a policy discussion on data deserts and algorithmic exclusion.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by December 31st for our 2020 efforts, including:

  • Leading an ongoing fight for comprehensive federal privacy legislation to hold companies accountable and protect your data
  • Confronting disinformation online and promoting quality local journalism in the digital era
  • Producing a report with concrete recommendations for promoting diversity in tech policy
  • Educating and preparing the next Congress to take on pressing challenge, from preserving an open internet to promoting competition and accountability amongst dominant online platforms
  • Growing our fellowship and advocacy training program, starting with the Kimmelman Fellowship Fund

We can accomplish all of this, but only with your help. Will you donate today to help us meet our goal?