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Connecting The Telecom Dots Behind ‘Net Neutrality’ (Hint: It’s About The Money)

The Pew and the American Life project came out with a pretty scary report last week. The words, “Pew” and “scary” aren’t often used together, but in this case the description is apt.

Pew’s latest study on the future of the Internet asked in technical terms whether the Internet over the next 10 year will be controlled by consumers. The specific question was: Will the Internet still be dominated by the end?to?end principle? The “end-to-end principle” that was built into the Internet at its early stages means that consumers at one end of an Internet connection had a direct, one-to-one relationship with the online destination – a chat site, music site, shopping site, news site, whatever you want and wherever you want to go without interference or influence from the company making that connection for you – the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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Public Knowledge Pleased With Decision Denying Hollywood Control Over Set Top Boxes

Background: FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said earlier today that the Commission will not approve during his tenure a petition by the motion picture industry to engage in "selectable output control," also known as SOC. The MPAA and the movie studios it represents (Paramount, Sony, Fox, Universal, Disney, and Warner Brothers) asked the FCC for the ability to "turn off" any output plug they choose, like those on the back of consumer electronics devices of an entertainment system, during special video-on-demand movies on cable television.

The following statement is attributed to Gigi B. Sohn, president and co-founder of Public Knowledge:

"Consumers won a big victory today with Chairman Martin's statement that he would not approve Hollywood's selective output control petition.

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‘Tis the Season Part IV: PK and allies to USTR - It’s Time for an Office of Innovation

Last Friday, Public Knowledge wrapped up a busy week of Presidential transition team meetings. First, as part of the Open Internet Coalition, PK and a number of its industry and public interest allies met with FCC Agency Review team co-chairs Susan Crawford and Kevin Werbach to discuss the Coalition's priorities and how we would like to see them implemented.

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‘Tis the Season Part III: USPTO Transition

Today PK, along with the Center for Democracy and Technology, Knowledge Ecology International, the Public Patent Foundation and representatives of the library community met with some of the members of transition team for the US Patent and Trademark Office. PK Advisory Board member and Duke University Professor Arti Rai, International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) Executive Vice President for Global Legal Policy Shira Perlmutter and National Inventors Hall of Fame IP Counsel Joyce Ward were the team members who met with us.

Most of the discussion focused on the USPTO's role in International Copyright policymaking.

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How Hollywood Studios Promote File Trading: Delete Movies Off Digital Shelves

It's gotten so easy to rent movies on the ?tv that my wife had actually rented one, 27 Dresses, three times. Yes, the money we've spent to rent this particular movie has added up to more than the cost of owning the video. No, I'm not bitter about it or anything. Earlier this week, I was helping her put some movies on the ole' iPod so she could have some in-flight entertainment for a work trip. Of course, she wanted to have 27 Dresses again, so I said, "Can we please buy this movie once and for all?!"

Unfortunately, when I went to the iTunes Store, the movie was no where to be found--for rent or purchase. I wondered if anyone else had experienced this. I swore we rented it from iTunes, and verified it in my purchase history. The closest I could get to the movie was its soundtrack, it didn't appear to be available on the other movie download services either.

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