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The Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act: Litigation, Uncertainty, and Economic Ha

[Updated 7/18/11 for clarification.]

“Creativity is the art of concealing your source.” – Coco Chanel

Fashion is a thriving industry in which copying plays a major role in driving new styles and for which copyright protection is unheard of. Copies, trends, and imitations quickly saturate the market, driving designers to new styles and consumers to new purchases each season.

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Royal Wedding Knock Offs: Champagne v. Soda Pop

Moments after seeing Kate Middleton emerge from the limousine on her wedding day last Friday, fashion designers all over the world pulled out their sketchbooks and got to work copying the dress. The usual celebrity dress copy-artists came out of the woodwork: a version of the gown by A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz is already finished and will be in stores by June 30; New York fashion house Faviana also has a version that will head to production soon; and the Chinese Muyi Wedding Dress Company already has a $320 version for sale in Suzhou.

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PK In the Know Podcast


On this weeks PK In the Know podcast, we discuss the ramifications of the Google/Verizon announcement, the reemergence (again) of a fashion copyright bill, and what the FCC's AllVid proposal means for the future of video devices.

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