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The Internet Radio Fairness Act: Revamping the Online Radio Marketplace


Royalties for online radio and other digital music services are a prominent topic for today’s recorded music industry, and the discussion has only grown with the recent introduction of the Internet Radio Fairness Act in the House and Senate. IRFA aims to revamp the parts of the Copyright Act that create licenses for online radio services to pay for transmitting sound recordings to their users. More specifically, IRFA would change the standard by which online radio royalty rates are set, alter the qualifications and appointment procedures for the Copyright Royalty Judges, and make several more changes to the process of setting online radio royalties.

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Trying to Make it in Music? Why Artists Should Oppose the UMG-EMI Merger

It is hard enough to land a job in a profession that accepts applications. So imagine chasing a career that depends on getting discovered. This is the reality for artists who aspire to sign a record deal with a major label. The four major record labels – Sony, EMI, Warner, and Universal (or UMG) – do not typically accept unsolicited submissions from artists. And to make matters worse, if UMG is successful in its bid to acquire EMI, artists could face an even steeper climb to success.

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Public Knowledge Testifies Against the Universal/EMI Merger

Yesterday I watched PK President and CEO Gigi Sohn, among others, testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights in a hearing on “The Universal Music Group/EMI Merger and the Future of Online Music.” Seeing the hearing in person was itself an achievement, as the line was already down the hall and around the corner an hour and a half before the scheduled start. Obviously, this is a subject people are interested in. PK, in particular, is concerned that allowing the largest record company to absorb the fourth largest would create a “super-major” label that would have too much control over methods of distribution and would harm consumer access to music.

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