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Verizon Defense of Veroogle Plan Falls Short

Tom Tauke, Verizon’s erudite executive vice president for public affairs, made a valiant attempt the other day to try to salvage the policy deal his company made with Google.  In a speech at the Technology Policy Institute’s telecom forum in Aspen, he brought out arguments old and new to argue why it was that an agreement forged between two big companies to their benefit should be accepted.

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Don’t Be Distracted By The Shiny Announcement: PK Urges the FCC to Keep Moving on the Third Way


Today, Public Knowledge filed reply comments in the FCC’s “Third Way” docket, urging the Commission to take the steps necessary to protect consumers online.

With all of the commotion over this week’s Google/Verizon announcement, it is important to remember that the major decisions about broadband classification (and net neutrality) will be made at the FCC.

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Why the FCC’s Net Neutrality Negotiations Failed and the Opportunity it Presents

This summer has been one of the most exhausting in recent memory.  First, there has been a constant barrage of record heat and humidity.  Second, there is the continuing battle over whether and how to preserve the FCC's authority to protect broadband consumers and ensure universal broadband access.  While the former is somewhat predictable for Washington, the latter has been like a soap opera, with lots of plot twists, make-ups and break-ups and nearly a few tears (of utter frustration).

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Fixing CableCARD

Imagine having to pay thousands of dollars for a telephone, as Ester Strogen did when she leased an outdated telephone from AT&T for 42 years. It’s almost funny to think of someone doing that when telephones are available for so much less money. But not too long ago, most people had to lease their telephones and pay much more for them than they were worth, because AT&T would not allow customers to connect their own phones to the network.

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Susan Crawford’s Call To Action For Tech Community (and my panel) at PDF 2010

Former White House staffer and now (again) law professor Susan Crawford set the Personal Democracy Conference 2010 afire on Friday with a great speech telling the tech community it needs to take a seat at the policy table while important issues are being discussed.

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Also at the conference, I was on a panel with actor/producer Tim Reid and entrepreneur Lauren Coleman talking about what happens when broadband isn't available. Tim was very passionate about the lack of connections in his community in Petersburg, VA, while Lauren talked about the need for mobile connectivity among younger users.  I talked about broadband safety nets and what happens when those are taken away.

Listen to the session here.

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