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Movies and movie theaters… together not-so-forever?

Hot on the heels of the MPAA's petition for waiver of the selectable output controls order by the FCC comes... movie theater owners? (PDF)

Right. They're worried that streaming feature films direct to homes sooner than ever (but still one to two months after an exclusive theater release) could spell "the destruction of neighborhood movie theaters across the country" and "have a devastating effect on... consumers of motion pictures". Them's fightin' words, Billy Joe!

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News from CES Days 1 & 2

It’s been a busy two days here in Las Vegas. Between keynote speeches, panel discussions, walking the floor and social events, there is little time to blog or sleep. I’ll write separately about some of the cool technologies I’ve seen here, and the pictures will have to wait for me to return to DC (I forgot the cable which connects my camera to my computer). In this post I want to focus on three announcements that relate to PK’s work:

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Right-to-Attach in Walled Gardens is Just As Important as Net Neutrality

I'm an analog cable subscriber and was hoping to upgrade to an HDTV this holiday season, and apparently I'm not alone. Before I buy-in, I've been considering the freedom that "going digital" should give me compared to the old analog world. The primary reason I haven't "upgraded" to digital cable up to this point comes down to TiVo, it and the freedom that devices like it that connect to an analog coax cable give me. Digital technology is supposed to deliver more, not less freedom, isn't it? It's not clear that upgrading to digital cable gives me the freedoms I'm used to.

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