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Amicus Briefs Counter Verizon’s First Amendment Argument in Verizon v. FCC

Last week Public Knowledge and the Open Internet Coalition submitted an “intervenor’s brief” in support of the open internet rules in Verizon v. FCC. Along with our brief, other allied parties including Columbia Law Professor Tim Wu, the Center for Democracy and Technology, and several former FCC commissioners offered “friend of the court” briefs, or “amicus briefs,” in favor of the FCC.

Verizon claims it has the First Amendment right to edit, prioritize, or block its customers’ access to the internet. Verizon’s First Amendment argument plays an interesting role in the case, to which each responded in the following three briefs.

Tim Wu’s Amicus Brief

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A Network Neutrality Meme That Will Not Go Away

Recently, arguments against network neutrality as a “solution in search of a problem” have resurfaced (recently subscribed to by Mitt Romney’s campaign, recently argued by Verizon in its challenge to the Open Internet Order, and also argued here and here). People who make this argument essentially claim either (1) discrimination predicted by Public Knowledge (and the FCC) will never actually come to pass, or (2) discrimination can be benign or even beneficial.

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Merger ‘Conditions’ Can’t Fail As Big Deals Are On The Line

On any given day, on any given cable or satellite system, subscribers will see a message telling them that a favorite channel which had been in one spot on the channel lineup has been shifted to another.  It happens all the time as channels are added, subtracted or moved around.  It's not a big deal.

Unless, of course, the cable channel in question is Bloomberg Television.  Since March 2011, Bloomberg has been trying to hold the Comcast-NBCU media behemoth to the promises it made, and agreed to, in order to complete the takeover that resulted in one of the biggest media companies in history.  Comcast's power and influence belies its rankings of #66 on the Fortune 500 and #101 on the Financial Times Global 500.  The numbers don't show the power of the largest cable provider, largest high-speed Internet provider, a TV network, a movie studio and numerous cable channels all rolled into one.

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FCC to Verizon and Cable Cos: Play by the Rules


The orders the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued last week in its review of the big deal between Verizon, Comcast and assorted other cable players will force the companies to play by the rules, and will provide a good view into how the industry is trying to construct its own little cartel.  The FCC staff asked a number of detailed questions, and the answers could show how Verizon and its four cable partners want to divide the world among themselves.

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