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Victory for Access to Books for the Blind

Countries agree on historic treaty to increase access to books for the blind.

Late yesterday night, countries gathered at Marrakesh, Morocco, agreed on a treaty designed to promote greater access to books for the blind and other visually impaired persons. As many have explained, currently, the blind have access to less than 5% of printed material in most parts of the world and this treaty is designed to change that situation. Representatives of the blind, public interest organizations, and library groups working on this treaty have expressed their happiness with the text.

Here is a quick summary of how the treaty could increase access to books for the blind:

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The 19th session of the WIPOs Standing Committee on Copyrights and Related Rights Promises More Work

The 19th session of the Standing Committee on Copyrights and Related Rights (SCCR) concluded this past Friday. Since my last post, the SCCR discussed the treaty for protection of audio visual performers (AV Treaty) and also a treaty for protection of broadcasting organizations.

The AV Treaty proposes to provide copyright protection to actors and other performers in movies and other audiovisual works. An effort to conclude the AV treaty had failed in 2000, as countries failed to reach agreement on the issue of how rights would be transferred from performers to producers. The issue is significant because, a motion picture involves the creative input of a large number of people and requires rights to be aggregated in one entity, usually the producer, to enable licensing rights to it. The law with respect to transfer of rights varies in different jurisdictions.

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