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Public Knowledge Praises Eshoo/Issa Support For White Spaces

Background:  Today, Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) and Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) along with 40 of their colleagues sent a letter to the House and Senate negotiators on the payroll tax bill supporting the use of unlicensed spectrum in any discussions.


The letter is here.


The following statement is attributed to Harold Feld, legal director of Public Knowledge:


"Rep. Eshoo and Chairman Issa and their colleagues have made a persuasive case for making certain that unlicensed spectrum is included in any larger spectrum agreements used to pay for the extension of payroll tax relief.


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Public Knowledge Congratulates FCC on White Spaces Announcement

The following statement is attributed to Harold Feld, legal director of Public Knowledge:

"We congratulate the FCC on its announcement today that it has certified a database and device capable of using the TV white spaces. This marks a new era in open wireless technology, which already contributes $50 billion every year to the American economy. 

"The newly certified ‘Super WiFi’ will increase the capacity of these networks tenfold, improving the wireless broadband experience for all Americans while creating new opportunities for innovation and job creation."

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Public Knowledge Pleased With FCC White Spaces Testing

The following is attributed to Harold Feld, legal director of Public Knowledge:

"We are very gratified that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has started to begin testing a crucial element for the use of the "white spaces" between digital TV channels (white spaces).  The Commission said that on Sept. 19 it would begin a 45-day trial of the first of nine databases that will allow new devices using the white spaces to operate without interfering with existing broadcasters.

"It's vitally important for our economy, for innovation and for consumers that development of devices built around white spaces go forward.  This trial is an important first step to a new era of communications and other technologies.  We commend FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski for putting this process in motion."

A copy of the FCC order is here.

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Squeezing More Blood From The Spectrum Turnip—Harry Reid’s Contribution To The Spectrum Muddle


No sooner had I posted my wonkish critique of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score for S.911, the Rockefeller Public Safety/Spectrum Bill over on my Wetmachine blog ("Where snark meets wonk and the sparks fly!") when Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) turns around and drops a new version of the plan as part of his debt ceiling bill (Best version of Debt Ceiling bill I could find here).

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PK In the Know Podcast


On today's podcast, we discuss the time traveling spectrum bill, monkey copyright, Comcast running into trouble with data caps, and updates from the Creators Freedom Project.  We also discuss Newport Television's attempt to silence criticism from Free Press by sending them a bogus DMCA takedown notice with Free Press Policy Counsel Corie Wright.

Working with Outside the Box Music, we're putting on our next "Rock Your Net" Internet marketing series, which starts August 4th in Nashville, TN. For more details, go here.

Parachute Musical and Ocean Is Theory, two bands that CFP is working with have a show in DC on Saturday, July 23 at DC9. More details on the bands' websites, download a free track from both bands here.

The 1861 Project is having its Album Release party next Tues, July 19 @ 7PM at Nashville's Basement. To RSVP, check out this Facebook Event.

You can download the audio directly by clicking here (MP3) or stream it using the player below:

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