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The Final Score on Spectrum Legislation: Bad Stuff Averted, Good Stuff Made Possible. I Call That A


Last month, we warned about how some folks in Congress (with support of the usual suspects) wanted to get some really bad law on the future of wireless included in the Payroll Tax Cut Extension. The proposed law would have:

a. Stopped the FCC from having any kind of net neutrality conditions on any future wireless services the FCC would create by auctioning more wireless spectrum licenses.

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Open WiFi and Copyright Liability: The Law, and Also Some Perspectives on Negligence


Torrentfreak recently ran a fascinating pair of opinion pieces from two lawyers regarding whether or not someone could be liable for copyright infringement if someone else used their open WiFi connection. One attorney, Nicholas Ranallo, walks through the established law of direct and secondary copyright liability, and comes to the conclusion that generally, no, you're not liable for someone else's infringements using your connection. The other attorney, Marc Randazza, doesn't discuss copyright liability, but instead starts drawing out hypotheticals about the law of negligence.

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Public Knowledge Praises Kerry For Draft Bill To Protect Cable Consumers

The following statement is attributed to Gigi B. Sohn, president and co-founder of Public Knowledge:

“Senate Communications Subcommittee Chairman Kerry was quite right to propose legislation to fix what is obviously a broken system that penalizes consumers when cable operators and broadcasters can’t agree on payments for programming.

“He was also correct to scold the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for its failure to start action on a petition submitted by Public Knowledge and many others this March that seeks to revise the retransmission consent process.

“The Cablevision-Fox dispute is only the latest in a series of recent retransmission-consent disagreements that have placed consumers in the middle of big-business negotiations.  These disputes will only increase, and will require prompt FCC action.

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