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FCC Adopts Speed Increase and Extends COVID-19 Waivers for Lifeline Recipients

November 17, 2020 Affordability , Broadband Access , FCC , Lifeline

Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission increased the minimum service standards for Lifeline recipients from 3 GB to 4.5 GB per month.

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What’s Lacking in Appalachia: Tales from a Broadband Connectivity Conversation

July 28, 2017 Affordability , Broadband Access , Competition

An enterprising farmer who wants to expand his steak and dairy business but can’t reach beyond his locality. A librarian who sleeps over nights and weekends so that students can come work on projects they’ve been given online. A disabled, bedridden young woman who desperately wants to be self-sufficient but has no access to online education. Two sisters who watch their father die before their eyes because they can’t get a signal to call 911.

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