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My morning routine usually consists of waking up, checking my email, making coffee, and signing on to a Zoom meeting. While I do this, my Mom is also on Zoom teaching her class and my Dad is on a conference call. These things typically happen without any hiccups and we usually think nothing of it. […]

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Broadband DATA Act: A Step Forward, but Doesn’t Go Far Enough to Solve FCC Data Problems

March 6, 2020 Broadband Access , Broadband Data , broadband mapping , FCC , Legislation , RDOF

This week, the House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill, the Broadband DATA Act, aimed at improving the Federal Communications Commission’s data collection process for broadband mapping. Since the bill has already passed the Senate, but will return due to procedural reasons, we will likely see the Senate pass this bill soon and then send […]

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Public Knowledge Urges Congress to Enhance Broadband DATA Act to Better Connect All Americans

November 14, 2019 Broadband Access , Broadband Deployment , broadband mapping , Digital Divide , FCC , internet inequality , Rural Access , Rural Broadband Access , Rural Digital Divide

Today, the House Energy & Commerce Communications and Technology Subcommittee marked up the “Broadband Deployment Accuracy and Technological Availability Act (Broadband DATA Act).” The bill would improve broadband mapping data accuracy at the Federal Communications Commission. Public Knowledge supports requiring the FCC to collect more granular data to generate more accurate and detailed broadband maps.

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